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Issue #80


Issue #80

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HorrorHound #80 Nov/Dec 2019

Come with us if you want to live ... this issue features a 35 year retrospective on The Terminator film franchise, with special spotlight articles on the history of the series' comic book, video game, and spin-off television series: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Look in awe over this film's expansive run at the box office and toy shelves, as the article is littered with collections of action figures and merchandise from its impressive history. Alongside this special article is a Horror's Hallowed Grounds feature on Silent Night, Deadly Night ... an interview with Lin Shaye about her HorrorHound Legend Award win, an artist spotlight on Joe Simko, Kitley's Krypt, Toy News, Hounds Sounds (with an interview with Bear McCreary) and movie news that spotlights Black Christmas, The Grudge, Harpoon, and an interview with director Takashi Miike.